Healthy Holiday Recipes from the LV Community!

LifeVest recently held its first virtual “potluck” featuring users’ favorite healthy recipe renovations! From veggie-filled sides to revamped casseroles to an array of convenient, make-ahead Crock-Pot meals, we received a hearty round of recipes to now display at our virtual table. We’ve selected a few of our favorites to share with you, so grab a seat with us and get inspired for your next holiday gathering. Also, we’d like to extend a warm thank you to our entire LifeVest community and all whom swapped a recipe with us!


Renovated Sweet Potato Gratin

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Tailgating: The NFL Season Game-plan for Your Health

Tailgating – let’s not make it a gateway for sitting on your sofa and growing your tail.

Instead, let’s make it a social celebration that can actually give benefit to your body. The NFL’s 2014-2015 season got underway last Thursday, also kicking off the season for one of our favorite activities – fall tailgating. However, fill it with too many six-packs (unless referring to the abdominal variety), and too much pizza (unless referring to these 8 versions), and it can quickly become one of our tail’s – er, booty’s – worst nightmares.

Instead, follow our LifeVest guide to tailgating this season so you can fill up on fun without letting your weight rival that of your favorite NFL linebacker. Below, find a game-plan that’ll coach you off the couch from time to time, while also letting chow down on some of your favorite celebratory food. We want you to wake up feeling like a champ all season rather than crap. Let’s get to it.

Buffalo Cauliflower Wings

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5 Tips for a Better Burger for Your 4th of July

Burger on the grill

Cut loose this 4th and let your freedom flag fly by joining us in a little (Indepen)dance celebration. Dancing burns around 440 calories per hour, so get grooving. First, however, we’ve got some suggestions on how you can healthify your burger so you feel every bit as good as it will look on your plate

  • Ground control – be mindful of your meat: Packages labeled as “regular ground beef” can contain as much as 30% fat. Opt for leaner cuts like ground sirloin or chuck, and/or packages labeled 90%. Ground chicken and turkey can be even better choices, but me sure to choose ones labeled with “white” or “breast” meat only, or dark, fattier cuts may end up in your grounds.
  • Bring a bun with a benefit: You’d be surprised at the amount of excess sugar and sodium in an empty-calorie white bun. Opt for whole wheat instead. WW buns pack in fiber to make you feel fuller for longer.
  • Size matters: Your patty shouldn’t be bigger than your palm, or about 3-oz., the standard serving size for beef. Mini sliders like this make sizing even easier.
  • Pile on the veg: Like whole wheat buns, the fiber in veggies will fill you up and keep you from snacking later on. Consider also adding in items like diced carrots or greens into the actual patties for a boost of flavor and nutrition. To go all veg., try one of these tasty options.
  • Topping swap: Skip the cheddar and bacon, and swap them for equally flavorful ingredients. Heart-healthy, creamy avocado replaces any need for cheese, while ingredients like arugula or marinated mushrooms power up the flavor.

Today’s typical burger weighs in at 600 calories, and holds more fat than we even want to add up. Luckily, the suggestions above can help you build a better burger for your body and cut back on both of these. Cheers to doing things homemade and executing your freedom to make a smarter choice.