Healthy Resolution Ideas to Set for Your New Year


Happy New Year, LifeVest friends! We’re excited to kick off 2015 with you, and want to take the time today to help you create some healthy goals for the year ahead. Goal-setting is important for driving motivation and focus so you can stay on the path towards a healthy, happy you. As they say, New Year, New You. Determine the “you” that you want to become, and then set the goal(s) that will take you there. A dream written down becomes a plan you can achieve.

While resolution-making is a common New Year tradition – 40% of Americans will set one this month –  we know getting started can often feel like a challenge. We’ve got some ideas for you below to help get the wheels spinning. Choose one, or use it to inspire your own goal-making for finding health and happiness this year. Let’s see those dreams to reality, together!

Your 3-step plan:

  1. Choose a goal.
  2. Make it specific. Perhaps your over-arching goal is to “lose weight” or “get healthy” or “be happier”. To make that objective achievable, break it down into smaller goals. Consider setting a different goal to focus on for each month of the year that will take you towards your larger goal.
  3. Write it down. Putting pen to paper is proven to make you more successful in actually achieving your plan.

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14 Soup Recipes to Jumpstart 2014

“Lose weight.” Year after year, this remains the top ranking resolution made by goal-setters across the nation. Perhaps you’ve made that goal once or twice yourself. Maybe it tops your list every January. As part of the process towards becoming your healthiest self, it’s not a bad aspiration to lay out on the table. But lay it out, and spread it out, you must.

The hard truth is, 35% of us who make New Year’s resolutions break them by the end of the first month. And only 23% of everyone who makes a resolution will fully see it through to completion. So what’s the solution to sticking with your resolution? If you want to avoid putting the same goal on repeat every New Years, you need to break your objective down into small, achievable steps.

When it comes to losing weight, that means drawing up specific plans geared towards both your diet and exercise routine. What better place to start than in your soup bowl? We’re calling it your healthy eating soup-lution.

Whether striving to slim down or not, soup can be a great way to detox without feeling like you want to scream “more ice cream please.” We could all benefit from eating a bit healthier, and nowhere in that goal should depriving yourself be included. Juice diets? No thank you. At LifeVest, we’re all about drinking our juice, and having some soup, too. Check out these 14 soup recipes to jumpstart your 2014 in a warm & healthy, satisfying style. Consider making a plan to cook up one per week. Small steps like this can help you stick to your health-based goals, and make your big picture ideas come to life.

14 Soup Recipes to Jumpstart 2014

Soups to Jumpstart your New Year

Coconut Sweet Potato Spinach Soup via Many Kitchens

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How to Stick to those New Years Resolutions

New Year New You

By Lizzie Myers

Happy New Year! On this last day of the year, now is the time to think back on the greatest moments of 2013 and look forward to an even happier 2014. For most people, personal health is a priority and there is always room for improvement. Whether it’s weight loss, heart health, or better sleep, it’s important to stick to your health resolutions. As the excitement of the New Year fizzles out, so will the crowd at the gym and the deals on health programs. The key is to keep your resolutions from fizzling too. How can you do this, you ask? Try these tips out!

Be Specific – Turn An Idea into an Achievable Action

While “lose weight” or “get more sleep each night” are great goals to set, they are far more difficult to accomplish in absence of a plan. Ask yourself: How exactly can I reach these results? For example, one might replace “get more sleep each night” with “lights out by 11pm every night” or “no electronics after 9pm.”  With a concrete and reasonable approach in mind, a health resolution, and any resolution for that matter, becomes much more manageable.

Make it a Routine from the Get-Go

Everyone has some semblance of a routine in their life, no matter how disorganized you think you are. Many of us wake up, go to work, eat 3 meals per day, and go to sleep around the same time during the workweek. A daily routine depends on what an individual’s priorities are, and all secondary tasks are planned around that routine. For this reason, aim to make your resolution part of your daily routine, installing it as a mandatory part of your day. Want to lose weight? Throw a gym bag in your car before heading out the door and hit the gym after work. It will likely take some effort to initially create the habit, but come February, you’ll see that habit start to cement.

Sign Up for Something

If you’re one to get bored easily or lack motivation, make each workout feel like an adventure. Now is the time to sign up for nutrition programs or fitness classes, and try something new. With so many people resolving to improve their health, there are deals galore in the world of wellness at this time of year. Once you commit money towards one of these programs, it’ll be hard to let that go to waste!

 From all of your friends at LifeVest, we wish you a healthy and happy New Year! Don’t be afraid to set goals. Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. We’ll be here to help motivate you along the way.