Meatless Monday: Tofu Bahn Mi Collard Wraps

Tofu Bahn Mi Collard Wraps


The LifeVest office has been eating well lately, and we want you to join in with us!

For our last company lunch, our food blogger and LifeVester Grace brought us these Tofu Banh Mi Collards Wraps. Banh mi is a traditional Vietnamese sandwich, generally filled with some type of protein, and layered with cucumbers, cilantro, pickled carrots, and sometimes various other veggies. In its translation, the word “Banh mi” actually means loaf, or slice of bread, so generally, you’ll find all of those ingredients encompassed by an airy baguette. Grace’s version, however, is obviously a bit different — and healthier, too!

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Meatless Monday: Collard Wraps

Collard Wraps

Put down that tortilla. Stash away that boring white bread. And bring out those summer greens to your kitchen counter. It’s time to reinvent your lunch, starting from the base level — the wrapper.

Late July calls for light fare that will cool you down, not weigh you down. It calls for meals you can easily pack up and head with to the park, and ones that are every bit as fresh as they make you feel. What’s our go-to for that? Meet the Collard Wrap.

Collard leaves provide the perfect green plate for packaging up your favorite flavorful ingredients. They’re sturdy, come at a 5-calorie-per-leaf price, and have way more vitamins and nutrients than your traditional wrapper can boast. They’re also our current topic of discussion for today’s Meatless Monday, and while we’ll relish them for dinner tonight, our minds are already traveling to this weekend with our cooler on the beach. We’ll have these waiting inside. Portable wraps are a meal made for traveling adventures, and these are adventurous as they come. (I.e., goodbye peanut butter and jelly. We appreciate your willingness to travel, but you are simply no fun. Nor do you make us feel fresh on the beach.)

Collard Leaf


So as you plan out your next traveling trip, picnic, or simply tomorrow’s workday lunch, consider trying something new and calling on the collard leaf. It’ll provide the platform for a fun and healthful lunch, in which you can really roll up any of your favorite savory sandwich materials. Just make sure to include a little healthy fat, such as avocado or olive oil, to loosen up those leaves, and pull all the flavors together. Our food blogging LifeVester, Grace, brings us a roundup of unique ideas to get you started in the event you’d like to extend beyond your standard sandwich fare.

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Operation Lunchbox: Ideas for packing a memorable and healthy lunch

Operation lunchbox

Food blogger and business owner Trish Ryan is constantly looking for healthy options to feed herself and her family. She is the founder of Time for Dinner, a meal planning service to help you enjoy healthy meals with your family.

In this post, she explores easy ways to pack a lunch from home that will not just save you money, but extra calories too.

We’ve heard it before and it is sound advice – packing is the way to go to keep lunchtime healthy. Here’s why:

  • Planning ahead eliminates the temptation of making remorseful decisions, such as reaching for a quick slice of pizza along with the soda sitting nearby. Making healthy choices is easier when thinking the night before, well in advance of early hunger impulses that’ll lead your mind astray.
  • It also allows you to easily control your portion sizes so you can appropriately eat for one. We all know that the typical “single-order” of Chinese takeout could really serve a family of three, but sometimes stopping ourselves 1/3 of the way through just doesn’t happen. Plate up your own food, and the option to overeat can be eliminated all together.
  • The added bonus? You’ll also save yourself some money. Check out this graph that visualizes your savings. The average bagged lunch can save you close to $1,000 per year if you pack 20 times per week.

Packing ahead doesn’t need to take hours to produce a lunch that’s both exciting and memorable. And don’t worry – we know plain old PB&J doesn’t fit this description, so that won’t be one of the items we suggest. Instead, implement these three creative ideas that’ll help your brown baggin’ bring you a little lunchroom stardom.

Warning: Lunchtime envy may ensue. Make sure your lunch has your name clearly labeled on it, or someone may try claiming it as their own.

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