Simple Ways to Improve Your Workout at the Gym

Boost treadmill workout with incline

By Lizzie Meyers

Perhaps you hit the gym every day and are always looking for new ways to improve your fitness regimen. On the other hand, maybe you can only find time for one gym trip per week, in which case it really has to count. Whatever your workout routine, there is always room for improvement. As the New Year approaches, use these tips to stay inspired and boost efficiency and endurance.

Weights then Cardio

If you already hit the weight room before the treadmill (or any other mode of cardio exercise), then you’re golden. Otherwise, try to switch it up. According to John Leyva of, starting with strength training rather than cardio provides numerous benefits. For example, you’ll have less risk of injury from pumping that iron due to the fatigue that often follows a sweat sesh on the treadmill. The switch-er-oo will allow for an easier feeling workout and more energized muscles to make the most of your strength-building routine.

Treadmill Runners: Use that Incline!

If you opt for the treadmill, a simple incline adjustment can work wonders. Boosting the incline just one level burns significantly more calories and is easier on the knees and shins. Adding hills will build muscle, too.

 Make your Routine…erm…Less Routine

Do you tend to use the same machines and do the same weight exercises every time you work out? While routines can build consistency, it’s important to switch it up every so often. Trying different machines strengthens new muscles and prevents your body from easily adapting to the challenges that your regular machines provide.

Sweat + sacrifice = success. A boring routine needn’t fall into that equation. To enhance those trips to the gym, work these tips into your typical exercise schedule so you can make your workouts the best they can be!