Healthy Resolution Ideas to Set for Your New Year


Happy New Year, LifeVest friends! We’re excited to kick off 2015 with you, and want to take the time today to help you create some healthy goals for the year ahead. Goal-setting is important for driving motivation and focus so you can stay on the path towards a healthy, happy you. As they say, New Year, New You. Determine the “you” that you want to become, and then set the goal(s) that will take you there. A dream written down becomes a plan you can achieve.

While resolution-making is a common New Year tradition – 40% of Americans will set one this month –  we know getting started can often feel like a challenge. We’ve got some ideas for you below to help get the wheels spinning. Choose one, or use it to inspire your own goal-making for finding health and happiness this year. Let’s see those dreams to reality, together!

Your 3-step plan:

  1. Choose a goal.
  2. Make it specific. Perhaps your over-arching goal is to “lose weight” or “get healthy” or “be happier”. To make that objective achievable, break it down into smaller goals. Consider setting a different goal to focus on for each month of the year that will take you towards your larger goal.
  3. Write it down. Putting pen to paper is proven to make you more successful in actually achieving your plan.

Healthy Ideas to Get You Started:

Grocery cart


  • Plan to Veg. Out at Every Meal: Stock up on produce when you go to the store so that you can commit to including a fruit or veggie at every meal of the day.
  • Become a Breakfast Champ: Start everyday off on a healthy foot by enjoying a nourishing meal. Steer clear of added sugars, and load up on whole grains and fruit.
  • Make Morning Moving a Weekly Activity: Schedule one morning workout session per week. Exercising before work guarantees that you fit it in, and will bring you an endorphin-induced, happy start to your day. Even morning-haters can manage one session per week, so use that as a starting point.
  • Go Meatless on Mondays: Go vegetarian every Monday, and swap cholesterol-heavy meats with whole grains, veggies, and lean, meat-free protein like beans and legumes.
  • Schedule Your Sweat Sessions: Set at least two calendar reminders per week to exercise. Seeing it on the calendar will make it harder for you to create excuses and skip out on your workout.
  • Love Your Lunchbox: Designate at least four days out of the week to pack your lunch with a healthy meal.
  • Start a Monthly Date Night (at the gym): Make a date with a friend at least once per month to go to the gym together or a group fitness class.
  • Become a Far Car Parker: Start making a vow to park in the last spot of the parking lot, and then use your feet to walk you the extra distance.
  • Become a Stair Master: Whenever stairs are available, skip the elevator/escalator, and march up them with pride.
  • Pass on Processed Foods: When at the grocery store, limit yourself to one processed food item per trip. Fill up the rest of your cart/basket with whole grains, lean proteins, and produce.



  • Smile Before Stepping Out of Bed: Studies show smiling, even if you’re faking it, can naturally boost your happiness levels. Start your day off with a smile before your head even leaves your pillow.
  • Set a Bed-Time to Boost Your ZzZz’s: Strive to tuck in within the same hour every night. Studies prove that hitting the sack at the same time every night (weekends included) will significantly improve the quality of your sleep so you can feel better rested upon waking.
  • Become a Monday Meditator: Set aside a 10 minute period every Monday to clear your mind, deepen your breath, and meditate. Studies link regular meditation to increased happiness levels.
  • Journal Your Joy, Nightly: Before going to sleep, jot down 1-2 sentences about what you feel grateful for that day. Research shows that creating a written gratitude practice significantly increases well-being.
  • Establish a Daily Happiness Walk: Set aside at least 10-20 minutes per day to get some fresh air and go for a walk. Perhaps you put on your favorite tunes, call your friend, or pull out your camera – regardless, unplug and use this time to really enjoy yourself.
  • Treat yourself: Choose one day each month to take yourself out on a date and enjoy a healthy activity. Whether it’s lunch at your favorite nourishing cafe, going for a massage, or taking the time to hike up your favorite mountain, plan ahead and reward yourself each month.

All of the above are small goals designed to increase your health. Consider choosing one or two to focus on per month, or simply use them to generate your own ideas. Happy New Year, and happy goal-setting, LifeVest friends!

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