Alcohol Calorie Comparison

The New Year is just three days away. Cheers to that LifeVest friends! We can’t wait to kick off 2015 with you. We’ll be helping you do some goal-setting in the weeks to come, and preparing you for your best (i.e. healthiest) year yet. But first, let’s talk New Years Eve, the day when more bubbles than ever are expected to be poured into flutes, glasses, and other tools for cheersing. Fun fact: 25% of all Champagne sold annually in the U.S. is purchased between Christmas and New Years Day.

Whether you’ll be popping some bubbly or enjoying another favorite beverage, let’s go into the countdown educated about what may be flowing into your glass. If you’re curious about calories like us, check out our comparison chart below. The biggest takeaway here, however, is to remember both mindfulness and moderation.


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