Healthy Recipes For Your Holiday Leftovers

There are just a handful of days and dinners left of 2014, and we’d like to invite you to join us in making every one of those remaining 5 nightly meals a nourishing meal. Below, we’ve rounded up some healthy recipes for your holiday leftovers to get you started. Pick out a few according to what you might have stocked in your fridge. Then make a game-plan for how you’ll ring out the rest of the year in good health and good eating. Cheers!


Our Top Turkey Pick: Mexican Turkey Stew via Cooking Light

If you’re tastebuds are tiring of the classic seasonings of American holiday food, this one’s for you. Flavored with chili powder, this soup will reinvent your turkey into a stew you’ll want to make all winter.


Our Top Ham Pick: Split Pea Soup with Ham via Food Network

You needn’t have a full 1 1/2 pounds of leftover ham that this recipe calls for to make this soup taste delicious. Use what you have, and feel free to throw in any extra veggies you might have on hand, too.


Our Top Mashed Potatoes Pick: Mashed Potato and Broccoli Raab Latkes via New York Times

Elevate your leftover potatoes by adding a colorful splash of green before turning them into crispy potato pancakes. Add an egg on top, and this quickly turns into a delicious breakfast-for-dinner kind of meal.


Our Top Pumpkin Pie Pick: Cinnamon Pumpkin Smoothie via Men’s Health

Ditch the crust, but keep the healthful properties of your already spiced pumpkin that fills the classic holiday pie. It’ll add a creamy dose of fiber and vitamin A to your smoothie. Bonus points for your health if you throw in a handful of spinach to this recipe, too.


Our Top Apple Pie Pick: Cinnamon Apple Pie Oats via LifeVest

No complex recipe is needed for this one. Simply cook up a pot of old fashioned oatmeal for breakfast, and top it with a spoonful of apple pie, with the crust discarded. The oats make for a much healthier underside for your pie filling, while the apples will add flavor and a hint of sweetness to your oatmeal. Top with a handful of chopped almonds or walnuts for a heart healthy boost of fat (the good kind) and protein.


Our Top General Meal Planning Advice

As you think about meal planning for the remainder of a healthy year, keep in mind, soups are often an excellent platform for lightening up dinner and utilizing ingredients. Chop up a bunch of veggies and get them sautéing in a little bit of olive oil. From there, add some vegetable stock or water, and throw in any leftover or lean proteins you might have available. Add a pinch of salt, and any herbs or spices that are calling your name, and you’ll end up with a solid meal!

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