Life-Changing with LV: One Couples’ Journey to Lose Weight Together

Couple Getting Healthy TogetherLaura Meier, 52, on a health journey with her husband, Brice

Goal(s): Lose a combined total of 150 lbs

Six months ago, Laura Meier joined LifeVest, and set out with her husband Brice on a mission to lose weight. They planned a trip to the Caribbean as motivation, and began making significant changes that would move them towards their goals. Each now two clothing sizes smaller and two energy levels higher, the two set sail this week and are ready to celebrate.

“We’re looking forward to enjoying [the trip] together and being motivated to continue on,” says Laura who’s over halfway to her goal of losing 50 pounds. Brice has exceeded the halfway point towards his goal, too, down 65 pounds and on his way to 100.

Laura was initially motivated by the opportunity to earn money through LifeVest. However, this quickly became merely an added benefit of the experience. She earned a FitBit early into her program and soon after bought Brice one too, and it was at this point that Laura decided to make her LifeVest journey one that would last for life. Together, the couple began powering up their step count, and benefiting from the results.

“Brice has problems with sciatic nerves and back pain, and he used to hardly be able to make it to the corner with me,” says Laura. “Now, he’s sometimes walking 40,000 steps per day because he’s feeling so much better by getting the weight off and getting active.”

Through the weight loss, Brice has been able to relieve some of the pressure from his knees and back, and Laura says she feels better about herself than ever before. They’ve decided they won’t be stopping once they reach their weight loss goal, but instead continuing to find new ways they can lead a healthier life together. Laura shares some advice on what’s worked for them so far, and how her and Brice are make the changes together.

photo-fouad-plageThe Change: Laura has always enjoyed walking, but for Brice, tracking his steps was the needed trigger to get him moving. Now, they each frequently encourage each other to step away from the couch and walk together. They’re also both becoming more mindful of the fuel they take in.

“When we go out to eat, we share meals. We’ll skip the chips and salsa, and order veggies instead,” explains Laura. She says they’ve also been cutting back on their carb, sugar and dairy intake, and are cooking up more veggies and lean proteins at home.

 Their Go-To Healthy Foods: The couple is always playing with ideas on how to transform recipes they already enjoy into even healthier versions. For instance, their favorite hamburger-and-fry meal gets revamped with turkey burgers placed on lettuce leaves instead of buns, and served alongside oven-baked rutabaga fries. Laura says they’ll also frequently use lettuce leaves as taco shells, and utilize spaghetti squash instead of traditional wheat noodles.

On Doing It Together: “We’re policing each other and helping each other, so that when somebody’s weak, the other’s strong,” says Laura. “It’s not going to work for everybody, but it’s helped us with our success to motivate each other and provide that support system.” The two utilize their walks together to share in conversation on everyday life, and also discuss their new long-term goals as a healthier couple. “I have a lifetime friend doing it with me, and we’re not stopping once we get to where we want to be. We’re going to keep encouraging each other and thinking smarter so we can remain feeling good,” says Laura. “You have to think that. Otherwise, it’s all for nothing. You can’t let all the work just go to waste, which is what happens if you just pick a place to stop.”

 On Overcoming Those “Struggle Days”: Laura says it’s important to note that it’s normal to slip up from time to time when starting on a journey towards health. The key is to remember tomorrow is a fresh start. “Don’t spiral downhill. If you’ve messed up today, don’t keep spiraling. That’s what we’re here to do – to improve and to learn from our mistakes,” she says. “Don’t get too down on yourself, and instead pick things back up with a new start the next day.”

Best part about getting healthier: In gratitude to her health, Laura shares, “I am dedicated and feel like a new woman with more energy, better eating habits and a healthy, happy husband too. I got twice as much as I could ever have dreamed of and want to say thank you from the bottom of my ‘healthier; heart! This has been life changing for us.”

Top Words of Advice: “It all comes down to having the desire to do it, setting your mind to it, and giving it 100%,” says Laura. “I’d tell anyone, it’s worth it. It’s hard, but it’s worth it. You’ll feel so much better about yourself, about life, about every day, if you are in control of what you’re putting in your body and the way you’re living your life.”

Laura and Brice, we are forever grateful for letting us share in your support system. We know a good companion can be better than a gym membership, and would encourage others in a relationship to work together and share in a healthy lifestyle. A healthy couple makes for a healthier relationship. And remember, you always have a friend in LifeVest to lean on for encouragement and support!


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