Happy Halloween from LifeVest!

How does LifeVest dress up for Halloween? That’s a no-brainer. We turn ourselves into Broccoli Man, of course, our favorite super-health-hero for fighting cancer, inferior food choices, inflammation, vitamin D deficiency, and more.

Broccoli Man

This got us thinking, what might Broccoli Man be if he were to dress up for Halloween? We asked him, and following are some ideas he’s pondering. He’s hoping you might help him decide by telling him which one is your favorite.

Broccoli Man
A shrub.
Broccoli Man already considers himself a king tree.
He’d like to know what it feels like to grow up as a shrub.
Broccoli Man
A well-admired parking sign.
He’s also always wondered what it’d be like to be a dusty parking sign. He misses his home in the dirt sometimes, so this seemed like an excellent costume choice.
Broccoli Man
A pumpkin.
He loves being broccoli, but his species doesn’t get much sidewalk love. What would it be like to be the center of veggie attention for all who pass by?

Broccoli Man

A smart businessman.

Smart business[wo]men ride their bikes to work or to the train station, whenever able. Broccoli Man would like to ride his bike to work.

Broccoli ManA karate kid.
Who doesn’t want to be a karate kid? Broccoli Man met Mr. Miyagi out in the garden years ago, and has been thinking about karate ever since.

Broccoli Man
An orange cone.
He dislikes cats, but wishes he had 9 lives to help him in his super-health-hero quests. Traffic cones bounce back continuously after being run over, so he’d like to learn how they do it.

Broccoli Man The best date ever.
Broccoli Man already knows he’s the best date food ever. Given this, he’s had the opportunity to observe a lot of good and bad dates from the seat of his plate. He knows he could do better.

Broccoli Man
An 11-foot giant.
If you haven’t noticed by now, Broccoli Man isn’t into scary costumes. Although, he wouldn’t mind being a giant.

 So, let’s help Broccoli Man. What should he be for Halloween? VOTE HERE!

Broccoli Man

Then, let us know, how do you chop your broccoli?

-We chop it raw, and add it right into our hummus, or by its side.
-We chop it blanched, and serve it with peanut sauce.
-We chop it steamed, with sesame and ginger.
-We chop it stir-fried, with shrimp.
-We chop it sautéed, with eggplant and hoisin sauce.
-We chop it roasted, with a little garlic and lemon juice.

How do you chop your broccoli? We’d love to hear your recipe. Share it with us in the comments below.

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