“Turnip For What?” These 5 Turnip Recipes

In a video-gone-viral, Michelle Obama says, “Turnip for what?” We’re responding to that question with this roundup of healthful turnip-central recipes.

The late autumn crop is particularly low in calories among the root vegetable kingdom – just 34 cals per cup vs. 116 per cup of diced potatoes – and is packed with vitamin C and other antioxidants. This makes it a great filler and addition to lighten up traditional starchy dishes, like Turnip Mashed Potatoes (swap 1/2 the potatoes with turnips), and some of the recipes you’ll find below.

Both the turnip’s greens and bulb can be eaten. Each provide a nice bitterness that pairs well with sweeter veggies, meats, and spices. See for yourself as you turnip some music and your stove, and dive into one of the recipes below.

Sweet Turnip and Carrot Soup

Sweet Turnip and Carrot Soup via InFine Balance

Transform your turnips into a slightly sweet and spicy soup with this easy recipe from InFine Balance. Keep it light by using soy milk, or turnip up a moderate notch with coconut milk.

Turnip and Kale Hash with Eggs

Turnip and Kale Hash with Eggs via FoodFitnessFreshAir

Add a pleasant punch to your traditional egg and potato hash with the help of some shredded turnips. Together with kale, they’ll turnip the flavor and the nutritional power of your breakfast (or breakfast-for-dinner).

Miso Glazed Turnips and Kohlrabi Quinoa Salad

Miso Glazed Turnips and Kohlrabi Quinoa Salad via Dishing Up the Dirt

Turnip your turnips with a Japanese twist in this light yet filling dish. Tossed in a sweet and savory miso sauce, slightly bitter turnips make this salad a memorable meal.


Spaghetti with Turnip Greens and Cherry Tomatoes via The Iron You

In general, whole wheat noodles require more seasoning than their simple carb alternative (white flour pasta) to spruce up and overtake their heartiness. However, the fiber and protein content is worth the switch to WW, and with punchy turnips, that seasoning effort becomes easy to turnip.

Rosemary Roasted Vegetables

Rosemary Roasted Vegetables via Chicago Jogger

Turnip your side of veggies by caramelizing them in the oven. This simple veggie roast lets slightly bitey turnips play off the sweetness of beautiful orange sweet potatoes. Double the recipe for healthful side dish you can serve all week.

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