Life-Changing with LV: How One LifeVester Fell in Love with Fitness

Angela Delgado

Angela Delgado, 28, Compliance Analyst at JetBlue Airways

Her goals: Drop weight and tone up overall

At the start of LifeVest, Angela Delgado was the heaviest she’d ever been. She was unhappy with how she felt and looked, and decided enough was enough. Using LifeVest as the trigger, she set out on a mission to lose 30 pounds and hasn’t looked back since.

Now, six months into the program and ten pounds slimmer, Angela says her health journey has become so much more than a desire to lose weight.

“The goal now of hitting my target weight is just an added benefit,” she explains. “The whole experience has become about more than seeing the numbers drop and the weight come off. This is now a long-term lifestyle for me. It’s about feeling healthy, and making that a part of my life, for life.”

Angela used her commitment to LifeVest as motivation to start trying out a bunch of fitness classes. She was determined to find one she actually enjoyed, knowing that this would be a crucial part of making sure she’d stick with it. After trying a few different activities, eventually she came across boot camp classes. It was a discovery that has made her fall in love with fitness. Angela enjoys the variety that the sessions offer, and partnered with her participation in LifeVest, says she feel like “a whole new woman”. Below, she shares her story and some tips to inspire others to turn their life around, too.

Former Lifestyle: “I’ve never just lived off of pizza and junk. I’ve always been big on vegetables, but I spent far more hours on the couch, in the car, and just sitting,” says Angela, who felt she always had time to put towards her health, but never the drive.

The Change: Angela said the moment she saw her “health score” on LifeVest – a number that shows how many years a user is adding or subtracting to their life based off of their current health stats – she knew it was time for a change.

“I remember thinking, ‘Ew’,” she laughs, crediting the subtracted years her health score depicted for putting her current health into perspective. “That age was really motivating, and a bit startling, too. I already knew visually, I wasn’t where I wanted to be, and then seeing that number, and realizing even internally I wasn’t where I should be…,” Angela pauses before saying, “It was a huge reality check.”

Today, Angela attends boot camp class three to five times per week, and has taken the mindset that all other activities outside of work can wait. She has made health a priority and an integral part of her day-to-day life.

On Overcoming Those “Struggle Days”: “Even if I don’t 100% feel like working out, I’ll force myself to go because I know once I do it, I’ll feel a lot better,” says Angela. She uses this strategy – evaluating how an action will make her feel – to both increase the number of healthy choices and decrease the number of unfavorable choices she makes. “When there’s a burrito on the table, I try to take a moment to step back and tell myself that if I eat that, I’m not going to feel good,” she says. “And if I’m thinking about hitting the snooze button instead of getting up to workout, I try to think about how great I’ll feel afterwards if I just get up and go.”

On Learning to Embrace the Morning: Formerly a constant snooze-pressing, daybreak-despiser, Angela now often utilizes this time to fit in a workout. She finds herself driven to fully utilize every moment she has outside of work to make up for all the hours she spends sitting, and sees mornings as no time to waste.

“The alarm always goes off at quarter to five, before the sunrise, and it’s not easy. I don’t have any thoughts at that point other than I want to go back to sleep,” she says. However, to avoid doing simply snoozing a bit longer, Angela sets her clothes out the night before and uses them as a reminder to get moving. “The first step is just lacing up and getting dressed to workout,” she says. “Afterwards, I feel great, and I know it’s worth it.”

Her Top Fitness Tip: “If you’re going to make the effort, go for the extra push and really maximize your workout. For me, as I’m doing reps of an exercise, I’ll count up halfway, and then count down. That mentally helps me get through my workoAngela Delgadouts and get more out of them.”

“A-ha” Moments During LV Journey: “I’ve gained back a lot of confidence that was lost,” says Angela, who realized how crucial her health was to feeling this way. “Now, when I put on my workout pants, they fall down a little when I’m running, whereas when I bought them they were really snug. It makes me feel amazing.”

Best Part about Getting Healthier: Angela says the benefits of the mental strength she’s gained surpasses that of even the physical changes. She finds herself no longer holding the desire to cut corners in her exercise classes, and views challenges in a much more positive light. “Now, you tell me to do a rep, I give it my all, and I can almost always finish it,” she says proudly. “It’s helped me apply this to other ares of my life, too.”

Top Words of Advice: “Much of getting healthy is mind over matter, which is why it’s important to constantly remind yourself of how great health feels, and what it means to your quality of life. When you feel better physically, you also feel better mentally. Why let that go?”

We couldn’t agree more. When you reach a point where you learn how great your body is designed to feel, it’s hard to ever turn back. Getting to that point just takes one small step at a time, and as Angela reminds us, the mental push to get there. From the bottom of our LifeVest heart, thank you Angela for sharing your story with us, and also lots of great fitness advice. 

Tomorrow, Angela also shares with us one of her favorite healthy recipes. Be sure to stay tuned!

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