One-Minute Tips to Help You Lose Weight

Have a minute? Good. Let’s use it to slim down in 60 seconds or less.

Lack of time is no excuse for letting your health step out onto the perilous Slippery Slope. In fact, someone who is busier than you is lacing up this very second for a run.
Iterating you “don’t have time” for something as important as maintaining good health is simply a statement that reflects where you’re arranging your priorities. Health, however, is something we should all be moving up to the top. Without it, you’re not going to get as far as you could be (and we mean that quite literally). So let’s get to it, and maybe drop a few pounds while doing so! It’s time to make diet, fitness and wellbeing all life priorities, and we’ve got ten 60-second-or-less tips to get you started. Don’t even think about telling us you don’t have time for that.


Twist and wiggle, fiddle and FIDGET.

You know those people who just can’t seem to ever sit still? Research has proven they have fidgeting written into their DNA. However, even if you’re not a naturally-inclined fidgeter, you can still make a conscientious effort to get up and pace the room every so often, and burn a few calories as you fiddle. One study found fidgeters burn up to 350 extra calories per day, the equivalent of a 30-minute jog. That can accumulate to 30-40 pounds in one year!

Pack your lunch

Love your lunchbox.

Dine out, and you’re likely to take in 200 more calories per day than who dine in, according to a recent Public Health Nutrition study. You’ll also add more saturated fat, sugar and sodium to your plate. Instead, make packing a lunch a fun part of your daily routine. Start by getting a lunchbox you’re excited about so using it everyday will seem a little more enticing. (Just Google “[insert name of something you enjoy] lunchbox”, and see what you can find. We’re digging this one.) Then, fill it up with healthful ingredients.

Make friends with your water bottle

Make your water bottle your slim-down sidekick.

Dehydration can slow your metabolism by as much as 3%, according to researchers from the University of Utah. At a weight of 150 pounds, that would be about 45 fewer calories burned a day, or 5 extra pounds a year. Be sure to keep a reusable water bottle by your side so you never go thirsty again, and also consider adding sliced cucumbers or any of these infusion ingredients to make your H20 sipping fun.

 Cayenne for weight loss

Spice things up with capsaicin.

Studies have show that capsaicin, the element that gives chili peppers their kick, could help fight fat buildup and aid in weight loss efforts by revving up the metabolism. Other studies show it may help curb appetite, too. Pick up a jar of cayenne, and let it naturally help your own efforts by sprinkling it on your food. We like to pair dash or two with cinnamon in our morning cereal, mix a little into our salad dressing for lunch, and a throw an even bigger dash onto our tacos for dinner. Start small and let your taste buds slowly build up to the heat.

Blot pizza grease

Blot a goodbye to fat.

Pizza grease — it’s a menace to both your t-shirt and your waistline. Use a napkin or paper towel to blot it off, and you’ll blot away 4.5 grams of fat, the amount in the one tsp. of oil that typically glazes two slices of pizza. You’ll also eliminate 40 calories, and nearly any chance of that grease dripping down onto your clothes. Score!

Ten push-ups

Drop and give you 10.

Every time your taste buds say to reach for a snack, do something positive for your body first – give yourself an exercise “snack”. Drop and do ten, whether that’s ten sit-ups, pushups, or lunges. If you’re not really hungry, this could be enough to shift your mind elsewhere and curb your snack appetite. Studies show brisk exercise can actually reduce motivation for food. Regardless, you’ll be bringing benefit to your health.

Deceiving serving size

Read the wrapper.

Take a look at that small, 4 oz. bag of honey mustard pretzels, and likely you’ll think it’s a serving just for one. However, give the wrapper a quick examination, and you’ll see it actually contains 4 servings, which means if you down the whole bag, you’ll take in 420 calories vs. 140. These kinds of additions can add-up quickly, and add to the digits you see on the scale, too. When reaching for a snack, be particularly mindful of the serving size on the package’s nutrition panel, and limit yourself to just one. Not sure how measure out your food in ounces, grams, or other listed units of measurement? Simply visualize the bag/package divided by the number of portions, and remove one of those portions for yourself. This way you can monitor what you’re taking in, so you can more easily stick to your recommended calorie intake.

Gratitude journal

Journal and create an attitude of gratitude.

At LifeVest, we’re all about sustaining an attitude of gratitude. Happiness is essential to your well-being, and expressing gratitude can play a significant role in cultivating that smile. Numerous studies have shown that those who write down what they feel grateful for are generally more optimistic and feel better about their lives. Keep a notebook by your bed and write 1-3 sentences each night before going to sleep.

Pasta portion control

Practice pasta portion control.

Spaghetti night often induces consumption of oodles of noodles far beyond the standard serving size. Luckily, you can eliminate this scenario by only putting the proper amount of pasta into your pan. What is the “right” amount? Per person, that’s 2-ounces of pasta, which bunched together, equals the diameter of a quarter. Keep a coin handy so you can eye it up with your bundle of long strands. For shorter-shaped pasta, like penne, measure out roughly ½ cup per person prior to cooking.

Perimeter of grocery store

Shop the perimeter.

When hitting the grocery store (perhaps to pick up nutritious ingredients to pack for your lunch), waste no time in the center aisles. This tip will actually save you time so you can head straight for the good stuff – the fresh fruits, veggies, lean meats and unprocessed items that line the perimeter of the store. Make a conscious effort to steer clear of those aisles, and you’ll avoid most processed foods containing more additives, salt and sugar than your waistline needs. Instead, treat yourself to a new fruit or a specialty item such as a mango!


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