Meatless Monday: Collard Wraps

Collard Wraps

Put down that tortilla. Stash away that boring white bread. And bring out those summer greens to your kitchen counter. It’s time to reinvent your lunch, starting from the base level — the wrapper.

Late July calls for light fare that will cool you down, not weigh you down. It calls for meals you can easily pack up and head with to the park, and ones that are every bit as fresh as they make you feel. What’s our go-to for that? Meet the Collard Wrap.

Collard leaves provide the perfect green plate for packaging up your favorite flavorful ingredients. They’re sturdy, come at a 5-calorie-per-leaf price, and have way more vitamins and nutrients than your traditional wrapper can boast. They’re also our current topic of discussion for today’s Meatless Monday, and while we’ll relish them for dinner tonight, our minds are already traveling to this weekend with our cooler on the beach. We’ll have these waiting inside. Portable wraps are a meal made for traveling adventures, and these are adventurous as they come. (I.e., goodbye peanut butter and jelly. We appreciate your willingness to travel, but you are simply no fun. Nor do you make us feel fresh on the beach.)

Collard Leaf


So as you plan out your next traveling trip, picnic, or simply tomorrow’s workday lunch, consider trying something new and calling on the collard leaf. It’ll provide the platform for a fun and healthful lunch, in which you can really roll up any of your favorite savory sandwich materials. Just make sure to include a little healthy fat, such as avocado or olive oil, to loosen up those leaves, and pull all the flavors together. Our food blogging LifeVester, Grace, brings us a roundup of unique ideas to get you started in the event you’d like to extend beyond your standard sandwich fare.

3 Collard Wrap Recipes to Pack for Your Next Meal

The recipe:  Simple Collards with Curried Lentils & Quinoa

What Grace says: “This one-pot meal is incredibly easy to make, and feels light yet rich with flavor from the curry. Keep the filling hot if you’re feeling a warm dinner, or roll these up, place them in the fridge, and have a cool, ready-to-go lunch for the next day.”

Head here for the instructions.

The recipe:  Collard Wraps with Tempeh and Sweet Potato Hash

What Grace says: “These are stuffed with a spiced, meaty tempeh filling that gets slightly sweetened with everyone’s favorite orange potatoes. I like to mash the sweet potatoes slightly into the tempeh to really blend all the flavors. These too can be served warm or cold.”

Head here for the instructions.

The recipe: Butternut and Black Lentil Wraps with Cilantro Pistou

What Grace says: “Butternut squash paired with avocado is a new obsession of mine, as I feel both compliment each other’s butteriness. Find them here together, topped with a cilantro pistou to bring a tangy, almost Baja-esque feel, along with cabbage for some crunch.

Head here for the instructions.



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