5 Tips to Stay Healthy On the Road

Stay healthy on the road

It’s summertime and the living is easy – if you stay in good health! You may be taking a break from your job and hitting the road for some fun, but you don’t need to trip over your health while you’re at it. Maintaining a smart diet and ensuring you get plenty of exercise and rest will guarantee a better experience on your road trip this summer.

  1. Pack snacks: Yes, we know – packing is our least favorite part of vacation, too. However, just like remembering socks and underwear, healthy snacks to munch on are essential, especially if you want to stay energized. Skip empty calorie loaded snacks like crackers and cookies, which will spike your blood sugar and cause you to crash. (That’s certainly not good while you’re at the wheel!) Instead pack fiber-filled fruits that will last a few days, such as bananas, oranges, and apples. Granola bars can be a good option too, just stick with homemade versions to avoid processed ingredients and excess sugar.
  2. Bring a cooler: Be cool and fill up a cooler with ice packs so you can keep high protein foods, such as plain Greek yogurt, on the road. This way you can go beyond fruit and granola, and pack items like hummus and veggies, so you don’t end up splurging on inferior snacks at rest stops. Throw your SPF in their, too, to prevent it from turning extra oily.
  3. Stop and explore: The joy of road tripping is seeing new places, so stop frequently and use it as a natural way to get some exercise. Explore a trail or walk around at a rest stop. There’s no rush to get to your destination when you’re having fun along the way, so take stops to discover new sights, and also stretch your legs.
  4. Make it H20 when on the go: Bring a reusable water bottle and fill up at every rest stop. This will save you both money and calories. Avoid soda, juices and other sugary drinks, so you can feel good about treating yourself to a single scoop once you make it to your destination.
  5. BYO gym: We’d rather be at the beach than the gym any day. Good thing gyms aren’t a necessity for exercise. Pack sneakers, and stretchy clothes, and you can workout anywhere, beachside included. Consider also bringing along a yoga mat or towel for extra motivation to stretch out or crunch some abs while out on the sand or grass. Plus, there are tons of on-the-road routines you can print out from the Internet and utilize for free while chilling at your hotel. Men’s Health has one that will have you mountain climbing your suitcase, and Real Simple has a quick, full-body routine.


Maura Lieberman is a student, writer and passionate, quinoa-loving foodie who believes that healthy eating need not be a chore. In the summer, you can find Maura getting down with an outdoor yoga class, followed by a cool slice of watermelon, her favorite fruit of the season.


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