6 unique recipes for the veggie that never stops growing – asparagus

Asparagus Soy Vinaigrette

Our LifeVest communications guru Grace Dickinson shares with us some of her favorite ways to use asparagus so you need not ever get tired of the veggie.

One of my favorite things about spring is the abundance of fresh asparagus.  It’s clearly the supermodel of its season, with constant growth spurts that enable its legs to grow as much as 10 inches in a 24-hour period(I know a few prepubescent boys who would kill for that kind of overnight height.)

Luckily, this makes it rampant within gardens and ubiquitous across farmer’s markets all season long. The lanky green machine holds a robust array of antioxidants within its spears, and a whole lot of flavor, too. Asparagus’s nutrition profile gives the veggie a top ranking among other produce options for its ability to neutralize cell-damaging free radicals. From high levels of vitamins A, C, E, and K, to containing 60% of the RDA for folic acid per 5 oz. serving, asparagus is a nutrient-dense veggie you’ll want to welcome to your dinner table. Fortunately, there’s always plenty of it to do just that. After the first few simple steams of the season, the key is finding new ways to use it so your dinner feels as fresh as the asparagus you add to it.

Growing up with a constant asparagus forest in my backyard, I’ve learned to take this vibrant veggie beyond my steamer basket and into the other depths of my kitchen. From breakfast to pesto to roasted avocado and asparagus tacos, below are 6 unique ways that’ll ensure asparagus will never tire out your taste buds.

Asparagus black bean tacos

  • Roasted Tomato and Asparagus Black Bean Tacos: A little bit of oven love caramelizes the asparagus here, along with garlic and tomatoes. Combined with black beans, and wrapped tightly with creamy avocado in a whole grain tortilla, this makes for a satisfying and complete meal.
  • Asparagus with Soy Asian Vinaigrette: Turn simply steamed asparagus into a wildly addicting side-dish with this easy sesame-soy vinaigrette.
  • Roasted Avocado Asparagus Tartine: Avocado toast makes for both a perfect quick lunchtime meal and an elegant picnic time finger food. Give it a double dose of green and boost its flavor and nutrition profile with a few roasted asparagus spears.
  • Asparagus Pesto: A beautiful green spread that makes a tomato mozzarella sandwich feel like heaven.
  • Pan-fried Egg atop Lemon Roasted Asparagus: This is a breakfast classic that feels of restaurant quality, but is incredibly simple to make at home.
  • Roasted Asparagus Feta WrapIf asparagus in a sandwich sounds strange, wrapping it with some spring radishes and salty, crumbled feta just might change your mind.

Grace Dickinson is the communications manger at LifeVest, and also the author of FoodFitnessFreshAir. Outside of work, you can most often find Grace either creating art projects on her cutting board, or cruising on her bike with a camera strapped to her back. She’s always looking for new healthy recipe inspiration, so feel free to send ideas her way and say hello!


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