Fun Runs for Every Level

Here at LifeVest, February’s giving us a bit of cabin fever. We’re ready to get up and run. (And yes, in case you’re wondering, a good jog through the park is our idea of fun.)

Good thing spring is on its way – an official 16 days away! Not that we’re counting down or anything… In the meantime, while the cold weather is cooping us up inside for a wee bit longer, we’re planning ahead. We think you should too. Now is the perfect time to register for a themed fun run which, whether or not you love running, can turn exercise into the sentiment of a celebration.

From paint-blasting Color Runs to extreme Spartan Races to mud-filled Zombie Runs, there is a fun run out there for every level of runner. All you have to do is choose the one that best fits your personality.

We suggest signing up now since the runs tend to sell out. It’ll also act as a healthful commitment to look forward to come spring or summer! Cheers (plus an indoor victory lap) to that.

Take a look at three of our favorites below.

Color Run

The Color Run: “The Happiest 5K on the Planet”

This 5K centers on having a blast – a color blast. Participants head to the race in all white clothing, and leave as a walking multicolored masterpiece. The untimed race has you run your way through clouds of rainbow colored powders firing away at every kilometer. Once the finish line is crossed, the party continues at the Finish Festival where you’ll find streaming music and dancing. The Color Run is not a race for extreme competitors or those worried about timing and pacing, making it a good intro race for new runners or those who simply want to have some spirited, moving fun with their friends.

  • Experience Level: All levels – even walkers are welcome to join
  • Price: $35-$55 Individual; $30-$50 Team (4+ Runners)


 The Zombie Run: Extreme

Participants in this 5k are set out with one sole mission – to survive. With three “Life Flags” in hand, runners strive to complete the course while keeping their flags out of the hands of the undead. Zombies are set on the loose to chase you around as you run through numerous obstacles and an onslaught of mud. Is there any better motivation than that? Like the Color Run, this event is untimed so your primary focus can be on enjoying (and surviving) the experience. Get decked out with a zombie makeover prior to the run, and then lace up for some cool, spooky running.

  • Experience Level: All levels
  • Price: $35-45 Individual Zombie; $30-40 Team Zombies (4+ Runners); $65-$85 Individual Humans; $60-$80Team Humans (4+ Runners)

 102nd Intelligence Wing members compete in Spartan Race

Reebok Spartan Race: “You’ll Know at the Finish Line”

This series of obstacle races range from three to 12 miles, all designed to test your mental and physical limits. The Spartan Races are considered some of the most extreme tests of endurance in the world. Created by a collaboration of Iron Man athletes and a Royal Marine, you can be sure that these races will push you to new boundaries as you run, jump and crawl your way through the courses. When, and if, you finish, you are awarded a medal and the bragging rights of being an official Spartan. You can also choose to go to the Spartan Race World Championship where Spartans from all over the world compete for a $250,000 prize. It shows that sometimes it really does pay to be fit, right?

  • Experience Level: Experienced athletes.
  • Price: $60-$185 Individual (prices vary based on type of race); Teams can receive a discount based on size of team.

The Takeaway:

These are just three of the numerous themed events sprouting up around the world. Fun runs are a great way to make your workout truly memorable, and to get other to join in with you too, even if they’re not fellow fitness buffs. Look ahead to spring and start planning some healthy outings for you and your friends.


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