Catching Zzz’s with Ease

Lizzie Myers, September 16, 2013


Good news: There is a way to reduce stress, boost heart health, lose weight, and improve your memory…and it’s free! What is this magical solution to all your health needs, you ask? A good night’s sleep. Few things are better than feeling well rested and bright-eyed, but getting a good night’s sleep is often not a simple task. We’ve all experienced restless nights when we just can’t seem to turn our minds off and for some people, these nights are far too frequent. Luckily, researchers have found ways proven to help you sleep like a baby every single night.

Be consistent

I get it: early work days during the week lead you to take full advantage of the weekends. Unfortunately, though, sleeping in once in a while can really throw off your sleep schedule, making it much harder to get back on track during the week. Going to sleep and waking up around the same time every day will ensure a healthy and consistent sleep cycle.

Turn your phone off

…and your laptop and the TV. Dr. Linda Shives, founder of the Linden Center for Sleep and Weight Management in Chicago, explains “Light, including that from computers, iPads, TVs and smart phones, is the most powerful trigger for our neurotransmitters to switch to the ‘on’ position.” One hour before going to sleep, turn off all technology and bright lights in the room. Reading a book with just a bedside lamp is the perfect way to unwind from the day and ease into a good night’s sleep.

Don’t lay awake in bed

Here is the situation: you’re lying awake in bed wracking your brain about something your boss said at work earlier and when you finally let it go, you realize that it’s midnight and suddenly all you can think about is how little sleep you’re going to get. STOP! Get out of bed and make some tea or read on the couch. When you feel like you can fall asleep, get back in bed and try again.

Get something lavender scented

Many studies have proven that the scent of lavender does, in fact, promote a better quality of sleep. It slows the heart rate, blood pressure, and gives an overall feeling of relaxation. Try it out in the form of candles, bath salts, or pillow spray.

For more ideas on how to sleep better, read more here and kiss those restless nights and groggy days goodbye!


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