5Ks With a Twist!


In recent years, a new craze has caught on like wildfire in the fitness community: mud runs. These messy 5K races with manmade obstacles travel all over the country and are a great way for avid runners to challenge themselves and more intermediate or beginner runners to get motivated to work out. If running through mud doesn’t sound like your type of thing, the mud run trend has sparked interest in other types of fun runs. I can guarantee that one of these events will get you psyched to run 3 miles.

Interested in a 5K that is visually stimulating but doesn’t require more physical challenges than the run itself? Then check out the Neon Splash Dash (www.neonsplashdash.com) or The Color Run (www.thecolorrun.com). The Neon Splash Dash begins around 8PM has a rave-type vibe. At 4 checkpoints along the route, participants get doused in fluorescent water, resulting in a trail glowing with neon runners. After crossing the finish line, participants are invited celebrate with an 80s themed dance party. The Color Run is a similar concept, but is better suited for those who prefer to run in the daytime. After each kilometer, colored powder is thrown onto runners so by the time you cross the finish line, you will look like a work of art! Needless to say, you will want to bring a camera for these colorful events.

Are you looking for a serious adrenaline rush? Then Run for Your Lives (www.runforyourlives.com) is the race for you. At first glance, this event seems like your typical mud run with a muddy trail and obstacles along the way, but cue a hoard of “zombies” chasing you and you’ve got a much better reason to run. Before the run begins, each runner is given 3 flags to tie around their waist, which the zombies try to steal throughout the race. Whether or not you become infected along the way, all participants are invited to a festival with food, beer, and a DJ at the end of the race.

The Jingle Bell Run (http://www.arthritis.org/programs-events/jingle-bell-run/) is the perfect way to work off those extra holiday pounds. This is a more classic 5K road race, but participants are encouraged to make teams, dress up in holiday costumes, and are given bells to tie to their feet. Plus, during the season of giving, it’s only fitting that the race’s proceeds go to the Arthritis Foundation.

Find a 5K that appeals to you and get registered! Better yet, recruit friends and coworkers and have some fun with it. Having people to train with will keep you motivated and excited to get active.






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