Boosting Energy

Lizzie Myers, August 27, 2013

Sometimes, the hardest part of the day isn’t waking up in the morning…it’s staying awake past lunchtime. Every hour after 2pm takes a lifetime to pass and you’re fighting every urge to crawl under your desk to take a nap. Early mornings and hours of deskwork is the perfect concoction for that afternoon crash. Don’t let your boss catch you snoozing! Take these tips to stay energized until that glorious time comes to head home.

Make sure to get a healthy dose of sunshine every day. Many offices light their workspace with the most grim and unflattering lights. Why fluorescent lighting still exists is beyond me, but don’t let it get you down. Start your day with a walk (it will be worth sacrificing a mere 20 minutes of sleep!), eat your lunch outside, and make sure your office’s blinds are up.

Choose meals and snacks that are protein-packed. Foods full of empty carbs and loads of sugar may boost your mood while you’re eating them, but don’t be surprised when that fatigue strikes just an hour later. Instead, make an egg for breakfast and grab a yogurt or a handful of almonds to tide you over between meals. Why? An amino acid found in protein boosts the brain’s dopamine and norepinephrine levels, leaving you happy and invigorated.

Stay hydrated! Coffee or soda may seem more appealing when you just can’t seem to wake up, but dehydration may well be the cause of that lethargy. Whenever you feel that you need a caffeine boost, drink a tall glass of cold water first. If the iciness and hydration doesn’t cure your exhaustion, then feel free to order that triple latte. Or better yet, try a white tea. White teas are the least processed, so while they have less caffeine than coffee and other teas, they are less dehydrating and contain more L-theanine, which is an amino acid that increases alertness.

Help a friend or coworker. When you’ve hit that wall and just can’t motivate yourself to do your work, it may seem counterintuitive to facilitate someone else’s achievement, but good karma is sure to follow. Helping others releases endorphins in your brain, producing an energized feeling similar to the one you get after a good workout. In addition, the reward of your friend or coworker’s gratitude will motivate you to take on your own work.

 There’s no use in spending the final few hours of your workday watching the clock. While your coworkers get stuck in the afternoon daze, wow your boss with your invigorated attitude. Maybe you’ll even have enough energy to get to the gym after work!


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