Summer Sleeping Guide

It’s summer, which means nice hot days for many and hot nights for most. And isn’t it just the worst trying to sleep when it’s just too darn hot? Here are some tips to getting a good nights rest and ensuring some good mid summer’s night dreams.

Everyone loves the long summer nights, where the sun doesn’t even think about creeping down till 7 p.m. Don’t you just feel more productive when it’s light out so late? Just because the sun is still up though, doesn’t mean you should be eating later. Try and eat at the same time you normally do so you won’t be affected by late night eating.

Stretch out before bed for the ultimate relaxing summer slumber. Whether you are hitting the gym more to keep your beach body or not, stretching can help soothe tense muscles and help relax your body.

Cool it down. You think you are going to sleep like a baby tonight because you had a long tiring day at the beach, but that could be what keeps you up! If you burned your skin can be hot and feel like it is radiating when you are under the sheets! Try taking a cool shower and applying cooling aloe gel before bed. You’ll feel better in the morning, and so will your skin.

Keep the cooling coming. Some lucky folks have the luxury of being able to sleep with the windows open in the summer. Others don’t. And some just blast the air conditioning. What ever is your cooling method, make sure your bedroom is cool enough for you to sleep.

Summer is all about the water. Make sure you are drinking enough water during the day because summer can leave you dehydrated! Enjoy a glass of water for bed, but not too much so you are getting up in the middle of the night. Feeling dehydrated can mean feeling tired, so stay hydrated this summer!


It is important to get your sleep in the summer time. Staying well rested is important to your health and can keep the stress away! No one wants to be stressed out in the summer, so make sure you practice good habits to stay feeling your best!


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