Let’s get physical.

There aren’t many things we admit to taking away from the 80’s, but Olivia Newton John took the words out of our mouth with Let’s Get Physical… Physical!

We took her advice to get physical-ly fit and left the leg warmers in the past. Well, some of us did.

We are sorry for sharing that picture, and that you’ll have that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

No matter where you are and what you are doing, we want to bring ‘active’ into your lifestyle. For some, the gym or sports may not be appealing so here are some ways to squeeze workouts into your every day life without having to go gung-ho at the gym. 

The Workout at Work, Workout:
1. Stand up and stretch, this couldn’t be easier, but it helps get your blood flowing! And we know your brain could use any help when you are starting to slip at work.
2.  Squat in the bathroom. Seriously! After you use the loo and wash your hands, do some squats before you get back to your desk. This way no one will see you doing this, and if someone happens to walk in, you can just pretend you were fixing your shoe.
3. Inverted push ups for the introverts. Once again in the bathroom where no one can see you, step back about 4 feet from the counter where your hands are firmly placed, and bend those elbows for push ups! Make sure the floor and sink area are dry because we certainly aren’t liable for you slipping in the bathroom. We are just trying to help you get fit.
4. Calf raises for the herd of employees. Stand up, feet shoulder width apart and lift yourself up on your toes! And then bring your heals back down to the ground. Make sure your legs stay straight. There you go, one calf raise down, 9 more to go! Pretty easy, hu? Do 10 of these while waiting at the water fountain.

The Workout Not at Work, Workout:
1. Kitchen Cardio. While standing around stirring sauce for hours, why not do some squats or calf raises? Step side to side just like the old aerobics videos!
2. The commercial break crunches. Since all of our favorite shows are interrupted by commercials, why not lay on the floor and do some crunches? Place a blanket on the floor if your back hurts.
3. On the computer at home? Sit on your medicine ball for a chair. It requires your abs to work hard to sit up straight. Put the ball in front of the TV in stead of sinking into the couch!
4. Have a dog at home? Take him out to play ball. Every time you bend down for the ball, bend at the knees not the back. Not only will it help strengthen your legs but bending down like that will save your back. 


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