How To Have a Happy and Healthy Cinco De Mayo!

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We are the kind of people that like to have our cake and eat it, too (what else would you do with it?).

So when it comes to holidays we like to celebrate and enjoy the festivities but also keep our health scores in mind. After all, everyone knows celebrations revolve around good food, good drinks, and good company, right? We wanted to share some tips for keeping Cinco De Mayo fun, but without ‘Cinc-ing’ (sinking…we tried) your health scores.

  1. Make sure to pick the margaritas with the most fruit in them!!! Kidding, honestly. But we do want you to keep in mind your drink selection. Many mixed and frozen drinks are loaded with sugar and syrupy mixes. Pick drinks that have natural sweeteners or are sweetened by muddled fruits! Hosting your own shindig for the holiday? Try all natural lime, strawberry, or watermelon popsicles and soak them in tequila for a few minutes. Dap some salt on them for a healthier and fun margarita option!
  2. Hydrate. And since this is still pre-Cinco, start now. Hydrating your body starts with the day before.
  3. Bring the fun outside! It is May after all, the weather is clearing up and it is time to enjoy the outdoors. Add some out door games or events to your day, horseshoes? Volleyball? Even badminton would be a sure way to have some good laughs and a little bit of exercise.
  4. Your Cinco Supper. Who doesn’t love Mexican food any time of the year? We love it because we can get a variety of foods in one sitting; protein in beans and meats, your veggies with tomatoes, avocados, and lettuce, and even whole grain soft shell tortillas add a benefit to this cuisine! Do Mexican right, and try adding as many natural things to your taco bar. *Our favorite: slice up radishes for a crunchy kick to any taco!

See? A good mix of healthy and fun for your holiday. Have any favorite healthy Cinco recipes? Games? Drink ideas? We would love for your to share!



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