Fast food may be saving you time in the morning, but that’s about it. Morning fast food options your schedule and waist will be happy about.

From the time the alarm goes off (for the 3rd time) till you are nestled into your desk at work, you are on the go. The one thing you can count on making the morning better is your coffee, right? There is a Starbucks to the left and a Starbucks to the right so what do you do? Go to Starbucks. Convenient, of course, but those caffeine drinks aren’t always healthy. In fact, you may be drinking your precious calories right down the tube.

Consider this the next time you are looking for a hot cup of jo:

  • Go back to basics. A cup of coffee or tea is going to be your healthiest choice. When you start adding the whip, the carmel, the sweetener, etc… the calories add up quick. Hot tea with honey or agave is a sweet way to start the morning and help you save your calories for something you’d much rather spend it on. (Steak for dinner?)
  • When your cup starts to look like a pitcher for 3 people, you may want to reconsider. You may think you need the extra-grande-giant-largo size just to get through the day, but really? Do you think that could possibly be healthy? Once again, even if you order a regular coffee with cream, the amount of cream that goes into filling a cup of such size adds up.
  • Explore the skinny menu! It’s Starbucks, they can do anything including help you cut out calories. Opt for a skinny latte for the same taste and half the calories. Other options? Soy over whole milk, honey over sugar or ‘fake’ sugars for that matter, and skip the add-ins. If you like a little extra flavor ask for a pump of the skinny syrup flavoring.

For those non-coffee drinkers looking for a quick breakfast, here are some things you should know.

  • Back to basics. Even oatmeal can turn into a health nightmare when you start adding in the sugar, the crumbles, the toppings…so think minimally. Egg whites are always the top of the healthy breakfast list, just be cautious of what else you add to them! The less additives, probably the better. Think oatmeal with blueberries or an egg white wrap with peppers and onions but no meat. These small things will add up even if they all seem healthy.
  • If McDonalds introduced a ‘low fat’ McGriddle, would you think it was healthy? Just because certain meals are labeled ‘healthy’ or ‘low fat’, they could still be the farthest from being just that. Think about everything that goes into your breakfast and you can make a better decision. A syrup packed pancake bun will never be healthy.
  • It may seem to early to start thinking about nutritional facts, but sodium can be hiding in all your breakfast meals, especially breakfast meats. Try to avoid the fatty sausages and bacons that are loaded with sodium for a big difference in your health.
  • Some fast breakfast options we’d recommend: Jamba Juice’s SMALL berry topper ideal meal. The protein artisan snack plate from Starbucks. If you can put together a breakfast plate, try scrambled egg whites with a piece of whole grain toast and a side of fruit.



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