Can an Employee Wellness Program Improve Morale?

By Stephanie Faris, Originally Posted on Intuit Small Business Blog

If you offer health-care insurance to your employees, it’s likely one of your biggest expenses after paying their salaries. By introducing a wellness program and encouraging workers to take better care of themselves, you could save money in insurance premiums and lost productivity due to illness. According to a CDC study, wellness programs can help businesses save up to $2.43 for every $1 spent.

What’s more, a wellness program can boost employee morale and help companies attract and retain talent. Or can it? Here are a few pros and cons to consider.

The Pros

  •  Employees like job perks. Businesses are partnering with Weight Watchers, Retrofit, and Nutrisystem to provide weight-loss tools at a discount or for free. These tools, sometimes offered in addition to a gym membership, enable employees to lose weight and get fit without taking a bite out of their household budgets.
  • Wellness programs foster hard work and loyalty. In a study by Principal Financial Group, 41 percent of respondents either strongly or somewhat agreed that wellness benefits made them harder-working, better-performing employees. Additionally, 40 percent of respondents stated that a wellness program would make them more likely to stay with an employer.

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