10 Commandments To Live A Healthy Life

By Sam Feltham, Originally Posted on Huffington Post,

I was talking at a school in Hackney a couple of weeks ago about health and I asked the students “how do you live a healthy life?” I got the usual generic response of exercising regularly and eating healthily. I went on to ask how much is exercising regularly and how do you eat healthily. They replied with exercising 3 times a week and eating low fat, although most recent research shows eating low fat is less healthy than full fat. I then asked how many of you are doing that, only about 3 out of 20 hands went up! What I’m getting at is that it seems many people don’t reflect on how you actually lead a healthy life, something I reflect on daily and think is rather important in ones life.

On Monday I was watching BBC Breakfast with philosopher Alain de Botton, where he was talking about his 10 virtues for atheists. It was a great interview in which he was explaining that in life it’s important to reflect and decide on what constitutes a virtuous life. This lead me to think up my 10 commandments to live a healthy life for people to ponder over:

1) Consistent Persistence. Never stop doing what is working well for you, even when you don’t want to.
2) Fun. Life is about having fun! Create and experiment with ways to make living a healthy life fun. The more fun it is the more you’re likely to stick to it.
3) Honesty. Be truthful with yourself. The minute you start telling yourself lies about your health is the minute you start to cover up your unhealthy parts.
4) Accountability. Take responsibility for your own actions. Peeling a banana takes 1 second and unwrapping a chocolate bar takes 1 second.

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