The Solution to All Your Resolutions

2012 came and went, and now everyone is all hyped up about the whole ‘new year, new you’ cliche. Give it two weeks and the lines at the gym will start to dwindle and the lines at fast food restaurants will start to grow again. What can you do to stop this from happening to you? Well, LifeVest is here to stay regardless of the time of year and we want you to stay on track, the entire time.

The top new year’s resolutions are

  1. Loose weight
  2. Get Fit
  3. Improve Finances
  4. Be healthy

Well, easily enough, LifeVest is the solution to all these resolutions. Here’s how…

LifeVest focuses on the individuals getting healthy. Because we recognize tangible health metrics, we see the importance of whittling your waist down to the a healthy, ideal size. One of the metrics focused on is Body Mass Index, which calculates the amount of fat one person has in their body. If the individual is overweight then LifeVest will help you reach a healthy BMI, therefore loosing weight. We also provide tips and tricks on our online community to help you loose the weight you want to and get back to being your healthy self!

In addition to loosing weight, you’re going to want to get toned and get fit. Exercise is so important to your health and it’ll make you feel healthy and great! LifeVest encourages its users to be active and lead a healthy lifestyle. And just like we provide tips on eating healthy and loosing weight, we keep you updated on exercises and activities so you can really get fit for the new year.

Improving finances coincides with getting fit and loosing weight, for the first time. It’s like a domino effect… work on those first two resolutions and well, you’ll improve your finances! See, LifeVest pays you for getting healthy, so as you watch your waist shrink, you see your wallet grow! Use your online account to keep track of how your health is doing, and if it’s improving, so are your finances! Get healthy and get paid, it’s not rocket science, it’s just smart!

Once you have worked on the first three resolutions, you’ll be able to mark off the last one; getting healthy. Eating right, staying active and making good health choices will lead you to the healthy lifestyle you’ve been wanting! The reason you’ll stay healthy with LifeVest is because it is a 90 day program and you’ve got money on the line. If your health starts to decline, then you may loose money, but when it starts improving, cha-ching! You make money! Let this be incentive for you to get healthy this new year!

We didn’t need a new year to realize that we all need to improve our health and focus on ourselves, but it sure is a good time to get everyone thinking about it! Check out so you can sign up and start crossing out those resolutions. We just want to pay you to get healthy, but it does make us feel better that we are helping out with this solution to all your resolutions!


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