Winter Fruits and Veggies, ‘Tis the Season!

Just because the leaves are dying and quickly falling off the trees, does not mean it is the end of good vegetation! Take advantage of this years seasonal produce to stay healthy through the chilly months.

Not only is it as bright as summer fruits, but beets are just as delicious! The vibrant color let’s you know it is full of vitamins and well, the good stuff! Beets are also fun to cook with, given the many ways to prepare them and the bright purply color it dyes everything else!

Another vibrant winter fruit is the blood orange! Known for their stark red juices, this orange gives you just the vitamins you need like Vitamin C and fiber to brighten up a winter day. Use them in some holiday cooking for their delicious flavor and dramatic appearance on any dish.

Artichokes are also a very beautiful veggie that you can get creative with. As delicious as they are stuffed with breadcrumbs and cheese using artichoke hearts in salads, baked with butternut  squash and thyme or dipping the leaves in lemon and olive oil are other, healthier ways to enjoy tho pokey winter produce!

Now this fruit is an under appreciated winter gem. Persimmons are a sweet fruit that have an apple-like texture. There are different kinds used for baking and cooking and others for enjoying right off the tree! Also full of fiber and vitamin C like our blood oranges, persimmons can be used in many different ways. Some of our favorite ways to prepare these are in salads with pecans and goat cheese, a persimmon crepe or just cutting them into slices to enjoy!

From the less common persimmon we go to the popular kale now for our next winter vegetable. The leafy green is one of those super foods you always hear about so we couldn’t be happier with the recent popularity of kale! Kale chips are great for snacking. Kale salads are delicious dressed up with feta, craisins and toasted nuts. Kale can compliment savory foods like mashed potatoes, steak and onions, or what can you think of? Eat your greens this winter and let us know what you think of this winter superfood.



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