Stability Ball Training

(FORT MYERS) AP – One look at any gym in the country and you’ll see that everyone is playing ball. Stability balls are exercise’s version of a software upgrade – adding more tricks, more advantages, and faster results. Wink News Fitness Expert Mike Drumm is here today to help us work our core and “HAVE A BALL” stability training.
There are many benefits to incorporating stability ball exercises into your workout. The most obvious being they keep you unbalanced during most moves, meaning that your core has to do extra work to keep you stabilized. It’s like an ab workout throughout your whole circuit! These core muscles are essential for stability and good posture, but are often overlooked when exercising with fixed position equipment like benches and machines. This circuit works at home or in the gym. All you need is a stability ball!

Choosing the Correct Ball
You can pick one up at Target or Wal-Mart for around $20… Sizing is important, this one is a 65cm ball, it’s good from 5’5” to 6’, a 55cm ball would cover 4’11” to 5’5”. You also want to be sure it is inflated properly so it isn’t to soft or too firm.

Full Workout with video!




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