Wellness Programs and Employee Job Satisfaction

recent survey by CareerBuilder Inc. showed a growing number of employees spending time at work looking for jobs elsewhere. The uptick of online job postings and the ease of digital resume submission have blurred the line between active and passive job hunters.

So, how can managers increase employee retention, maximize staff productivity, and boost workforce loyalty? Benefits like gym memberships, nutritious food options, and onsite wellness services demonstrate to employees that management cares about their needs. Employees typically report increased job satisfaction when they experience a high level of work/life “fit”

When fresh, tasty food is offered onsite, employees are less likely to bolt out the door at 5 pm. When daily walking meetings are encouraged, workers enjoy the company of their colleagues while accomplishing tasks. When biometric screenings and flu shots are made available in the workplace, individuals are more likely to stay healthy year round and they don’t have to leave the office to take care of those routine health-related errands.

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