Get Heart Healthy

With the holidays vastly approaching, the first, Halloween, being treacherously based on sugar I want you to be scared healthy!

It is important to treat yourself every so often so eating habits don’t turn into an out right binge. No, no, the holidays are not a time to binge with pies and cookies and savory foods all around, but that doesn’t mean you have to go cold turkey now. Sample a little bit of everything your craving so you can get it out of your system! It’s good for your sanity to sample Mom’s home cooking. But one way she could help you stay heart healthy is cutting down on butter. I know, I know, I pray that Paula Deen will never read this but I’m trying to meet her half way on the holiday heart healthy debate. Butter, margarine and shortening all have a lot of trans and saturated fats which contribute to clogged arteries. No need to deliberate, if it is delicious it is probably not the most healthy, so I’ll advise a taste testing rather than taking the cake on this one.

Exercise and diet will go hand in hand for most situations, so when you lay off the unhealthy fats and are good in the kitchen, we will move to the other half of heart healthy. Leading an active lifestyle can be hard for many adults. Work and family consume most of the day and it can be hard to squeeze in a workout. Sometimes dealing with a long day at work results in sinking into the couch till bed time, when in fact, the exercise would help your head, heart and body. Active lifestyles can help lower blood pressure, improve circulation and help you feel better as a stress release. Sedentary lifestyles have a high risk for heart disease, so get up and get active. I promise, you won’t regret getting off the couch for a brisk walk or a couple sets of crunches.

While diet and exercise are obvious ways to improve heart health, what about taking care of your teeth? People with periodontal diseases are twice as likely to get heart disease. Those pearly whites are more important than just for chomping down on the right foods. Make sure you are taking care of your teeth and visiting the dentist regularly to stay heart healthy.

Stress is an outlying factor that appears to hurt every bit of your body. It isn’t fun and it isn’t healthy. Find ways to de-stress so you can protect all aspects of your life. If you enjoy art, go to the museum or perhaps take a stab at a new craft. If music is your forte, tune in when you can to relax your mind from stressful situations. The straining stress brings can be limited by the way you handle it so explore some hobbies, stay organized and keep a smile on!

Stay heart healthy by making good choices with diet exercise and overall health care for yourself. A balance in life is key to good health, and we think you should be rewarded. If you want to be rewarded for leading a healthy lifestyle check out click here to learn about the program that is paying people to get healthy.


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