Is Testosterone Related to Trust

It may be surprising to some, but testosterone could be linked to honesty.

By Jeffrey Kopman, Originally Posted on Everyday Health

Research from the University of Bonn has found a link between testosterone, the male sex hormone, and honesty. Testosterone has other behavioral effects as well.

A new study published in PLOS One finds a strong correlation between testosterone and trustworthiness. To test their theory that there was a link, scientists treated 46 men with a gel form or testosterone; an additional 45 men in the study received no testosterone. The two groups participated in a game of dice, but there was a twist. The game was designed to easily allow cheating. To make it more enticing  for players to get the best score — and to cheat — the researchers offered a cash incentive for the best results. Many of the test subjects did cheat. However, there was a noticeable difference between the men who got testosterone and those who did not. Far more men in the testosterone group avoided the temptation to cheat. Their counterparts who did not get testosterone were much more likely to lie about their dice results.

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