Are Health Foods Even Healthy?

Sugar is in everything. It’s hard to avoid, but even some of the ‘healthy’ options aren’t ‘feeding’ us the full truth. Be careful about these healthy options, that won’t seem so ‘sweet’ after all.

1. Nutrient-enhanced waters. You aren’t really enhancing your body with much, except for sugar. Some of these drinks have as much sugar as sodas do! And they claim to be ‘water’…

2. Energy bars. Now, we say this with caution because we are guilty of throwing a bar in our bag when we are in a rush. The problem is that a lot of these are packed with sugar, too! Some of the serious energy bars are loaded with protein, which may sound great. But if you aren’t working out it may not be a good idea to chow down on these everyday.

3. Fast food ‘Health’ choices. They definitely know how to sell convenience, taste and apparently, healthy choice. Don’t be a victim to the solid advertising, do a little research the next time you want something healthy from the drive thru. McDonald’s fruit and maple oatmeal has more sugar than a Snickers bar. Yikes. And a health meal staple, salad, from BK could have as much as 22 g of fat and over 1,000 mg of sodium.So while everyone is trying to take a step in a healthier direction, we still might not be there. Just make sure to read the labels so you are making GOOD health choices.

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